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Decatur Woods Dental offers restorative care for patients in southwest Indy. Restorations are often performed on teeth that are cracked, chipped, or weakened, but restorative dentistry can also be used to replace missing teeth with dental crowns and implants. When you have missing or weakened teeth, it not only affects your smile, but can negatively impact your digestion, self confidence, and many other aspects. Let’s discuss your options — call Decatur Woods Dental today!

Dental Implants

Dental implants use a titanium root and abutment that function the same way as a natural tooth root. Plus, implants can help prevent that shrunken mouth appearance that is common with denture wearers.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns reinforce teeth that have become weakened by decay. If you are undergoing root canal therapy. The dentist may recommend having a crown placed.

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Dental Bridge: Replace a Missing Tooth

The first reaction after losing a tooth is usually to find some way to replace it. There are three basic options when it comes time to replace a tooth (or several teeth): dental implants, partial dentures, and dental bridges.

Dental implants are seen as the best option since these also help preserve jawbone tissue and are approximately the same as a natural tooth root. Dental bridges are considered the next-best option; they offer more permanence than partial dentures, but are less costly than dental implants.

To determine what type of restoration is ideal, call Decatur Woods Dental for a consultation on dental bridges in Indianapolis!

What are Dental Bridges and How Do They Work?

To understand what a dental bridge is and how it works, it might be beneficial to break down the concept into its corresponding parts. First, there are the two dental crowns. These are placed on the two teeth on either side of where the artificial tooth will be placed. This brings us to the artificial tooth. The artificial tooth found in a dental bridge is usually crafted from ceramic porcelain or zirconia. Sometimes a metal bar spans the restoration to give it extra durability. To form the bridge, the two crowns and the artificial tooth are fabricated as one piece, which is later cemented into place.

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