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Dental Crowns in Indianapolis

Dental crowns are commonly used to reinforce cracked or heavily decayed teeth as well as to protect a compromised tooth against future bacterial infections. Those curious about dental crowns in Indianapolis can call Decatur Woods Dental for a consultation to determine if a dental crown is the most suitable option.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is essentially a ceramic porcelain (or zirconia) cap that encapsulates a tooth. Dental crowns are used to protect and strengthen teeth that are affected by dental trauma, decay, or following root canal therapy.

The Process

Having a dental crown placed is usually straightforward. Most dental crowns require two visits with your dentist. At the initial appointment, the dentist will prepare the tooth (or teeth) and then take impressions. These impressions will be sent to a dental fabrication laboratory that will create your permanent dental crown. Between appointments you will wear a temporary crown that is crafted using a composite resin material. Your permanent crown will most likely be placed during your second appointment.

Conditions Treated with Dental Crowns

A dentist may recommend a crown for a number of reasons. These include the following:

To strengthen a weakened tooth. Dental crowns are often placed on teeth that have become weakened due to disease, dental trauma, or following a root canal procedure. The crown works to strengthen a tooth when the enamel and dentin have become compromised.

Fix a cracked tooth. A cracked tooth is not only a tooth that is weak, but it also has the potential to become infected through bacterial intrusion. A dental crown corrects a cracked tooth by strengthening it and shielding it from infection.

As part of a single-tooth implant. Crowns are often used on top of the abutment of a dental implant. Dental crowns crafted from ceramic or zirconia are a comparable replacement to natural teeth when used in tandem with dental implants.

Have a Question About Dental Crowns?

Wondering if a dental crown is the right treatment for your particular condition? Contact Decatur Woods Dental for more information about this treatment or to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your oral health.

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